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When nothing goes right… go LIFT! Located in Port Moody, British Columbia, LIFT Fitness Ltd. offers private or group fitness instruction at our boutique studio – with customized programs designed to fit your particular level, needs or challenges. LIFT Fitness prides itself on offering easy-to-understand and 
non-intimidating guidance in a beautiful and motivational setting. 
All ages and fitness levels are always welcome. At LIFT Fitness, we are committed to providing 
the utmost in overall physical fitness and to keeping up 
with the latest developments and techniques in the discipline. Most of all, we are dedicated to YOUR specific fitness needs, 
and to helping you achieve your individual goals for maximum 
health and well-being.
LIFT your Body | LIFT your Energy | LIFT your Mind

3082 Spring Street (left side door)

Port Moody, BC  V3H 1Z8



(604) 314-4048

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