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"For me, the 90 Day Challenge started out as a decision to do "one" thing different. From there, the groundwork was set for a total mind-body transformation. The old spins of "I can't" or "I should" gave way to new mantras of "I can" and "I do". The trainers are a key piece as to why the 90 Day Challenge process succeeds. Through their intuitiveness and skill, they ensure that the workouts are simultaneously intriguing, fun and, yes...TOUGH! And tough is good, because that's where the biggest results are! I sweat, I breathe hard...and I laugh, and everytime I leave the gym, I feel empowered knowing I just conquered another fierce workout!"
Janet Dobrzanski 
weight loss: 44.7 lbs inches lost: 22
"When I began the competition I had a goal to lose 12 lbs in 6 weeks. With the wonderful encouragement and support from my trainer Jessica Fletcher I was able to lose 19.5 lbs in just 6 weeks! The trainers at Lift Fitness made my dreams of losing weight and getting healthy a reality!"
Sonia Sturhahn 
weight loss: 19.6 lbs inches lost: 9
I had heard from a few work colleagues about this fantastic trainer that was starting a ninety day program at her facility and I had to try it out! I had no experience with a group fitness setting, and was both nervous and excited to see what it was all about. I will never forget that first class, I was overwhelmed with the energy and attention given to each person in the class by Shannon. Fast forward to today and I still feel that kind of personal attention every time I walk into Lift Fitness, and it's not just by Shannon but also every other member of the Lift team. Unlike a lot of gyms and training facilities out there, Lift's mission is to help you to achieve the goals that you set for yourself and in the same token instill a love of fitness and good health. The whole experience has bettered my life in a way I cannot fully express. I have seen the results on the scale and in the measurements but that pales in comparison to the lifelong benefit of becoming the best version of myself, no matter what size.
Jessica Bell 
weight loss: 28.2 lbs inches lost: 12
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