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Scott has been a life changer. I have battled my weight most of my life and spent the majority of my adult years morbidly obese, topping the scales at 255 lbs at my heaviest. I managed to lose 65 lbs over about a year and a half, by exercising and changing how I ate. I spent 3 and a half years on a plateau, still exercising regularly and restricting my calories. I was still very overweight but couldn't shift the scale, and was convinced I would always be overweight. Then I met Scott and hired him to do in-home personal training. Scott designed a workout program for me that we did together once a week, and that I did at home on my own between our sessions, changing it up regularly so I didn't get bored. He also gave me some direction on food choices and tips to support the other exercising I was doing (mostly running). Results were immediate and rapid. I immediately began losing weight and steadily lost over the next 5 months, dropping below my original goal weight of 135 lbs. Scott has completely reshaped my body and caused me to re-evaluate my use of the word "can't". I have one regret in working with Scott and that is that I didn't hire him sooner!
Karin Jackson weight loss: 120 lbs
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